Meet GV Calgary Teachers - Tony

Meet Tony – ‘English for Business’ Teacher

This week we spoke with Global Village Calgary’s ‘Business for English’ teacher, Tony. If you’ve ever spent time on our campus, you’ve likely noticed Tony. He’s the best dressed of all of us; a true picture of poise and professionalism – qualities that are necessary in the business world.

Between classes, Tony can often be found in the computer lab helping students with their work résumés. He’s our go-to expert on how to find job opportunities in the city, build a portfolio and prepare for a job interview.

Tony has been GV’s business instructor for over six years, but he got his start as an educator working in the public school system in Vancouver teaching history, economics and social studies. He made the move to Calgary in 2014 and has been a dedicated part of the GV family ever since.

How is English for Business different from General English classes?

English for Business focuses on exploring those topics you need specifically at work. We look at how to write a report, do a presentation, ask difficult questions, and pronounce things clearly and correctly. Every topic we look at is designed to make students better communicators in the work place in English.

English for Business shares similarities to general English classes in that we explore all the skills; grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking and so on. I always try to make it realistic so the students are using authentic examples and practicing real situations.

What do you love most about teaching?

I like giving practical advice. I have quite a bit of life experience and as such I enjoy giving students suggestions on what they should consider doing in certain situations. I don’t like to preach, but rather act as a guide, using my experience to relate.

I like teaching the higher levels. I find that they have high expectations and high needs. They ask a lot of questions. They like conversations and are curious and motivated.

What it Means to be Calgarian

What it Means to be Calgarian

By Erin Fenton, Events Coordinator (and Honorary Calgarian), Global Village Calgary

Whether you’re a temporary transplant for work or school, moving to Calgary permanently or just passing through on vacation, understanding who Calgarians are and what motivates us will add a lot of value to your time in our city.

Here’s an inside look from a Montrealer (turned Calgarian) living in Calgary on what makes Calgarians Calgarians!  

We are young…for now

Calgary has historically always been a young city, with median ages well below the national average. Of all the major cities in Canada (including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver) Calgary has the lowest median age. Just 36 years old! This might be attributed to the abundance of work opportunities that blessed Calgary during the oil boom years, attracting new graduates and youth from other parts of Canada.

BUT, new census data shows that the we might be finally maturing with the recent population growth of the 55+ crowd, changing the face and age of our city.

We are diverse

Did you know that more than 28 per cent of the population are immigrants? Our population increased by more than 20 per cent since 2019, making Calgary one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. People are arriving from other parts of Canada, but also the Phillipines, India, Pakistan, China and Venezuela.

Walking around town, you can see the diversity in the faces of Calgarians and the businesses we support and love. We are a dynamic and exciting place because of that diversity and a fact that we all embrace proudly as part of who we are.

We are well educated and entrepreneurial

Calgary has held the reputation for being a leader in education in Canada for many decades and continues to place the development of its youth as a top priority. With seven major Universities and Colleges, there are no lack of opportunities for students to pursue their preferred career paths.

Calgary has the highest level of labour production of any other major city in Canada and is considered one of the top 10 most attractive cities for workers globally (AIRINC’s Global 150 Cities Index, 2016). And of that incredibly talented labour force, we have some of the highest levels of education attainment in the world. We even rank second highest small businesses per capita in Canada. Now, isn’t’ that impressive? 

Basically, we study hard, work hard and have a lot of respect for others who do the same.

Meet GV Calgary Teachers - Angela

Meet Angela: GV Calgary IELTS Teacher

Angela has been a Global Village teacher for over 15 years, making her the longest serving teacher on staff. Angela got her start as an English language teacher 24 years ago when she began her career in Hamilton, Ontario working with newcomers to Canada. Although Angela has taught general English courses, GCC and First Cambridge (FCE), she is Global Village's resident IELTS expert, teaching mostly higher level IELTS preparation courses.

We caught up with her between classes today to discuss her advice for students, what she loves most about teaching and Global Village as a place to study.

To learn more about IELTS preparation classes and exams offered at Global Village Calgary: 

Have you ever taught abroad?

Yes, I taught in Korea. I went on a working holiday and found a recruiter who placed me in a variety of different English institutions. It was an incredible experience. I went without having any Korean language skills. I couldn’t even say ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ when I first arrived!
I really wanted to have the same experience that a lot of our students have when they come to Canada. I wanted to be able to better understand what it’s like living in a totally new place and speaking a new language.
It really was incredible. I had the opportunity to meet so many people. And I did what I tell my students to do.  I started talking with people. It was amazing.  After a few months I was able to have basic conversations. I challenged myself and as a result I grew not only as a person but as a teacher as well.

What advice do you always give students?

To new students just starting out, I try to remind them to just ‘live in the moment’, to not stress out and to just have fun!
If you’re still considering whether or not to study English in Canada, and particularly here at Global Village, just know that we have some of the most amazing students and staff. Everybody is very warm and welcoming, no matter where you come from. It is a really great place to be.

Learning the English Language is easy at Global Village Calgary

Learning the English Language is easy at Global Village Calgary

by Vanessa Rusk, Student/Academic Advisor for Calgary English courses at Global Village Calgary

Is learning the English language difficult? Most learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) say yes. Based on my experience with teaching English and when I was also learning a second language, it all depends on where you learn English and how efficiently and effectively you’re being taught. 

If you’re searching for English courses in Canada, especially English classes in Calgary, at our school you’ll find a supportive and effective environment for improving quickly.

Find out more about the English courses we offer in Calgary here:

Canadian English, where you don’t need to talk like the queen

The best place to learn English is where English is spoken and where you’ll be exposed to English on a daily basis. You’d be surprised at how often you can hear useful phrases and how the English language is used by just taking the bus to and from our school. For example, you can hear how and when the word “dude” is properly used. Believe me, you don’t want to call just anyone “dude”. Or, what to properly ask a cute girl or guy without getting slapped in the face.

Does the country where you learn English matter? As you know, there are many different kinds of English, such as British, Scottish, Irish, Australian, American, and Canadian. When I was teaching English in Europe there were many times I didn’t even understand what another British, Irish, Scottish, or Australian teacher was saying. And, English is my first language! 

Since I’m from Canada I got many teaching jobs because students found Canadian English easy to understand and also to learn.

Why learn at an English school in Calgary?

Here at Global Village Calgary our English teachers create a friendly environment in the classroom, while also being in Calgary you’ll discover it here as being a super friendly city! You’ll feel more relaxed in all this friendliness, because of the city of friendly Calgarians (especially to foreigners), our kind and caring teachers, and also our school’s other staff members.

When students are relaxed learning English, they feel more comfortable, at ease and confident. And as a result, it also makes their progress of learning English easier.

Calgary - a great place to raise your kids AND study English in all seasons

Calgary – a great place to raise your kids AND study English in all seasons!

By John Taplin, President & CEO, Global Village Calgary

People sometimes ask me how an Australian managed to wind up in Canada and help found an English school in Calgary. The short answer is that I married a Canadian who was raised on a family farm about 120 kilometres north east of Calgary. After we met and married in Australia in 1983, we moved to Alberta in 1984. Since then, apart from six years spent at the University of Lethbridge in southern Alberta, where I had my first experience managing English courses and programs in Canada, for most of the time we have lived in Calgary. We have also had the good fortune to travel back to Australia and other places.

Things you should know about Calgary

So why are we still here in Calgary? There’s no doubt that the weather can be cold at times, yet one of Calgary’s many attractions is that it is an authentic Canadian city with four seasons. 

In Elton John’s song ‘Rocket Man’ he sings, “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids. In fact, it’s as cold as hell.” Well, Calgary is not like that! It’s a great place to raise your kids with its friendly family values, proximity to the Rockies, and other natural wonders, as well as its well-developed infrastructure in the City. 

More and more, the City of Calgary is embracing environmentally-friendly ways of urban living. Rent an e-scooter or e-bike in the warmer months and take a ride, or even a walk, along the paths on both sides of the Bow River. These paths extend from the city centre to green spaces all over Calgary.

With a population of 1.5 million people, Calgary is big enough to have all the services of a modern city, like light rail transit (LRT), but it is small enough that people have a sense of community and friendliness, where they take an interest in, and get to know, others. 

No wonder, Calgary was voted the fourth Most Liveable City in the World and the top-ranked city in North America, by the Economist Intelligence Unit, in 2018.

When we first opened Global Village Calgary in January, 1996, we would get questions like “Calgary Global Village? You are one of the very few English schools in Calgary? Where is your city? On a few rare occasions, people overseas even wondered aloud, do you live in igloos?!  

In fact, Calgary garnered world attention when it hosted the Winter Olympics as long ago as 1988. At the time, the Summer Olympics were held in the same year. As Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988, this created an important connection between Seoul, South Korea and Calgary, Canada. This bond continues to this day, and Korean students are not worried by Calgary’s winter, either. Have you ever been in Seoul in January or February?! 

Find out more about Calgary and GV Calgary by browsing:

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